Fishermans Retreat Edition No.4 & Edition No. 5 - Two Bottle Pack

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1x Bottle Fishermans Retreat Edition No.4 Arran Yalumba Octavius Cask
1x Bottle Fishermans Retreat Edition No.5 Port Charlotte Haut-Brion Cask

Fishermans Retreat Edition No.4 Arran Yalumba Octavius Cask

Arran Distillery Yalumba Octavius Red Wine Cask

Colour Stunning medium amber and majestic orange with golden highlights. Clean and sparkling bright.

Aromas Brilliant combinations of mellow oak and concentrated fruitiness from the Yalumba red wine cask. No other influence can encourage such an ambrosial intensity. It is a luscious aroma cradled in a halo of roasted malt with an overture of the flora and fauna of the stunning island of Arran.

Palate: Wow… For one so young, its amazingly complex, layered and seductive. The flavours of toasted barley, rich wine-soaked oak and spicy vanilla is impressive for such a young spirit. Little hints of tangerines and almonds bring this amazing Yalumba-matured spirit to a surprising and most satisfying conclusion.

Fishermans Retreat Edition No.5 Port Charlotte Haut-Brion Cask

A true Islay malt with a beautiful smokey essence, typical of a Port Charlotte distillation, which is unfortunately no longer with us. The long-forgotten recipe was brought back to life thanks to the Bruichladdich distillery, at the hands of master distiller Jim McEwan.

Aromas A smokey but subtle hit initially, with other flavours becoming apparent, vanilla, orange and a hint of sweet caramel, oak is constant throughout.

Palate A beautiful warming dram, hold in your mouth and feel the gentle heat take over your senses. Then the flavours come rushing through, sweet citrus notes, oak is always in the mix, a slight saltiness coming through from the shores of Lochindaal.

A real winter warmer, ideal for the flask on a winter warmer, or a goose shoot!! Or you can just pour a dram and enjoy in front of a roaring log fire at home!!! Whichever you choose this whisky will be a great companion.


Fishermans Retreat

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