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Port Charlotte PC7 Sin an doigh ileach


7 year old

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Port Charlotte PC7 Sin an doigh ileach

This is the third release of Port Charlotte, which proudly proclaims: “Sin an doigh Ileach” meaning “it’s the Islay way and may it never change”. It was bottled in 2008 aged 7 years old and is limited to 24,000 bottles. It is a heavily peated spirit produced by Bruichladdich in remembrance of a long-lost distillery at Port Charlotte on Islay, which closed in 1929.
Character: Young and virile and full of pride and passion. The Ileach is showing more maturity and early signs of becoming a warrior on this Island of peat giants and Celtic crosses.
Colour: Saffron/ Straw Gold/Set Honey
Nose: The texture of the spirit has been enriched by another years maturation thus becoming less aggressive by taking the strength of ancient oak which in turn gives more character and personality.
Palate: The peaty flavour is rich and vibrant reaching deep onto the palate accompanied by dark warm molasses with hints of dates and bitter chocolate. The second layer brings the moor land mossy flavours bringing complexity and contrast weaving beautifully with the smoke, and then the marine breezes add their unique freshness, lifting the senses on an updraft of the Queen of the Hebrides. The history and culture of an Islay in the palm of your hand. It arouses feelings of family and friends who, like the distillery, have shown a life force that can overcome many hurdles and remain untouched by the ever changing seasons of life.

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Port Charlotte

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