Four rashers of back bacon & a fried hen’s egg.

Four sausages & a fried hen’s egg.

26th January 2017

Bacon or Sausage Muffin

Bacon or Sausage Muffin - 6.00 5.00 Four rashers of back bacon & a fried hen's egg. Four sausages & a fried hen's egg.
26th January 2017


Pancakes - 5.00 6.50 American style blueberry pancakes with maple syrup & fresh whipped cream. American style pancakes with streaky bacon & maple syrup.
26th January 2017


Omelette - 6.50 6.00 Bacon, cheese & mushrooms. Cheese, tomato & mushroom.
8th December 2016

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict 7.00 Streaky bacon, poached hens eggs & spinach on a toasted English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce.
8th December 2016

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast 9.00 Back bacon, pork sausage, Macsween haggis, Bury black pudding, fried egg, baked beans, sautéed potatoes, tomato, field mushroom & toast.